Beef and Lamb

This Pricelist is current from January 2018.

All meat can be packed in sizes to suit customer if ordering in bulk, all other meat is usually packed with 2 serves per pack and Vacuum packed for freshness and convenience.  We are pleased to now offer the convenience of EFTPOS which can also be taken offsite.


  • Eye Fillet Steak $42.00/kg
  • Rib Eye  Steak  $35.00/kg
  • Scotch Fillet $32.00/kg
  • Porterhouse $32.00/kg
  • T-Bone $30.00/kg
  • Diced Rump $25.00/kg
  • Rump $23.00/kg
  • Oyster blade $20.00/kg
  • Round Steak (BBQ Steak) $18.00/kg
  • Osso Bucco $15.00/kg
  • Casserole Steak $16.00/kg
  • Stir-fry strips $20.00/kg
  • Beef Marrow Bones
  • Blade Steak  $18.00/kg
  • Gravy Beef  $13.00/kg
  • Stewing Steak $13.00/kg
  • Beef Mince $15.00/kg
  • Beef Ribs $15.00/kg
  • Roast Beef -Rolled $15.00/kg
  • Topside Roast $15.00/kg
  •  Bolar Blade Roast $16.00/kg
  • Fresh Silverside $13.00/kg
  • Corned Silverside $15.00/kg
  • 100% Beef Sausages (gluten-free) $18.00/kg


  • Lamb Roasts, Leg $15.00/kg
  • Butterflied Shoulders $20.00/kg
  • Lamb Shoulder Roast $15.00/kg
  • Boned & Rolled Shoulder  $20.00/kg
  • Rack of Lamb  $30.00/kg
  • Lamb Cutlets  $35.00/kg
  • Lamb Loin (whole) $30.00/kg
  • Loin Chops  $25.00/kg
  • Chump Chops  $20.00/kg
  • BBQ Chops $15.00/kg
  • Lamb Mince $20.00/kg
  • Diced Lamb  $25.00/kg
  • Lamb Mini Roasts $25.00/kg
  • Butterflied Lamb Legs $20.00/kg
  • Lamb Sausages – 100% Pure Lamb (gluten-free) $20.00/kg
  • Lamb Shanks $15.00/kg
  • Lamb Belly $10.00/kg
  • Lamb Necks $15.00/kg


Beef –  hanging weight (as per abattoir tag)  $12.00/kg

A body of Beef or sides of Beef – cut, packaged and labeled to your specific requirements.

Lamb –  hanging weight (as per abattoir tag) $12.00/kg
Whole Lamb or sides of Lamb – cut, packaged and labeled to your specific requirements.


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