Free-Range English Black Pigs

This Pricelist is current from January 2018.

All meat can be packed in sizes to suit customer if ordering in bulk, all other meat is usually packed with 2 serves per pack and Vacuum packed for freshness and convenience.  We are pleased to now offer the convenience of EFTPOS which can also be taken offsite.


  • Whole Pigs or Sides of Pork  $15.00/kg
  • Pork Shoulder – Bone-In  $17.00/kg
  • Pork Shoulder – Boned and Rolled  $20.00/kg
  • Pork Racks  $30.00/kg
  • Pork Cutlets $35.00/kg
  • Pork Loin Chops $25.00/kg
  • Pork Shoulder Chops $17.00/kg
  • Pork Leg Roasts $15.00/kg
  • Butterflied Pork Legs  $20.00/kg
  • Pork Belly $20.00/kg
  • Diced Pork $25.00/kg
  • Pork Ribs  $25.00/kg
  • Pork Mince  $18.00/kg
  • Pork Trotters $15.00/kg

All our Pigs live on our Organic Farm under Free-Range conditioners and are fed some Biodynamic Bran/Flour etc from Powlet Hill Flour Mill.

They have their Piglets where ever they choose in a shed on straw our outside under the tree where ever they feel is best and safest.

Most litters are only 8 which is comfortable for the sow as she only has 10 teats.