Angel Organics is dedicated to producing high-quality Organically grown produce. Simply Divine from our Family farm to your Family ‘fridge.

Angel Organics is a family business. We know how important  family is and strive to bridge the gap by providing a source of high-quality Organically grown food, that is both ethical and sustainable, at a price that everyone can afford.

We believe having a lower income does not mean that you don’t have the right have good food for your family.

Organic food should not be just for the elite. 

Local Shopping Matter

We are happy to  welcome visitors to our farm to see where your meat is grown, best to call on the mobile to be sure that someone is here to see you .

All our sheep and cattle are transported to the abattoir at Kyneton by our own transport.

As a producer, our prime lambs come from our own Crossbred ewes, Merino and Suffolk ewes, which are all born and raised on our organic farm. The ewes are joined to Suffolk Rams and Border Leicester Rams.

Our cattle, a herd of Murray Greys are also born and bred on our farm.Our calves stay with their mothers until weaning at 10 months of age, at which time they are yard weaned in our cattle yards and shed, during this time they are fed on  hay and become very comfortable with people, dogs, sheep and our little flock of free-range pigs, it is most important for all our livestock to exist in harmony with each other

Our stock have a peaceful life grazing on our seasonal pastures where they grow at their own pace as the seasonal conditions allow.

All animals are supplied with Free – choice  minerals on a self-help basis, when necessary livestock can be fed hay to supplement their diet if insufficient pasture is present.

We do not use any Chemicals on our Livestock or Soils/Pasture.

All soils are regularly tested and top-dressed with essential minerals when required.

Meat cuts are Packed  by our local butcher at Newstead .

We have meat vacuum packed for your convenience .

We offer the convenience of bulk purchases of meat products, or you can select our special cuts in the quantities that suit you.

We occasionally  grow a range of seasonal organic vegetables and fruits these are used for  us and also donated to our loyal meat customers when excess is available . It is wonderful to see the joy children get from being able to get fresh Oranges straight from the 2 Orange trees here. Check out what we have in store when you make a meat purchase.