Beef and Lamb

All meat can be packed in sizes to suit customer if ordering in bulk, all other meat is usually packed with 2 serves per pack and Vacuum packed for freshness and convenience.  We are pleased to now offer the convenience of EFTPOS which can also be taken offsite.


  • Eye Fillet Steak  $30/kg
  • Rib Eye  Steak $28/kg
  • Scotch Fillet $25/kg
  • Porterhouse $25/kg
  • T-Bone $28/kg
  • Diced Rump $25/kg
  • Rump $20/kg
  • Oyster blade $20/kg
  • Round Steak (BBQ Steak) $15/kg
  • Osso Bucco $10/kg
  • Casserole Steak $15/kg
  • Stir-fry strips $20/kg
  • Beef Marrow Bones
  • Blade Steak $10/kg
  • Gravy Beef $10/kg
  • Stewing Steak  $10/kg
  • Beef Mince $13/kg
  • Beef Ribs $10/kg
  • Roast Beef -Rolled $12/kg
  • Topside Roast $12/kg
  •  Bolar Blade Roast $12/kg
  • Fresh Silverside  $10/kg
  • Corned Silverside $10/kg
  • 100% Beef Sausages (gluten free) $16.90/kg


  • Lamb Roasts, Leg $15/kg
  • Butterflied Shoulders $20/kg
  • Lamb Shoulder Roast $15/kg
  • Boned & Rolled Shoulder $20/kg
  • Rack of Lamb $30/kg
  • Lamb Cutlets $30/kg
  • Lamb Loin (whole) $20/kg
  • Loin Chops $15/kg
  • Chump Chops $15/kg
  • BBQ Chops $12/kg
  • Lamb Mince $13/kg
  • Diced Lamb $25/kg
  • Lamb Mini Roasts  $25/kg
  • Butterflied Lamb Legs $20
  • Lamb Sausages $16.90/kg-100% Pure Lamb /Gluten Free
  • Lamb Shanks $15/kg
  • Lamb Belly $10/kg
  • Lamb Necks $15/kg


Beef – $10/kg hanging weight (as per abattoir tag)

Body of Beef or sides of Beef – cut, packaged and labelled to your specific requirements.

Lamb – $12/kg hanging weight (as per abattoir tag)
Whole Lamb or sides of Lamb – cut, packaged and labelled to your specific requirements.

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